APR 28 Nosler is ready for the Bulls!!


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Jul 25, 2017
Western MA
I‘m a new 28 Nos owner. After watching my buddy smoke a bull at 523y last year in NM with complete pass through (hit just behind the shoulder) I was sold. Bull took 3 bounds and flipped over backwards dead. I ended up w/ a 175gr BEH over 80gr of N570 @ 3040fps. Was shooting ok at .020 off the lands, but thought I could do better. Decided to do a jump test at .020, .030, .040 and .050 off the lands. .040 was money. 1.37” group @ 400y. I’ve had several rifles respond really favorably to more jump. Rifle is a Seekins Havak hunter, 1:8.6 twist, I got in trade. I usually run custom rifles, but this Havak is a good value. Love shooting the 28. My buddy has two of them and has already toasted one barrel @ 800 rounds. Good luck this year.