APA 34mm Ring Question


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Jan 10, 2015
I’ trying to decide/measure for what size APA 34mm rings I’m gonna need for a rifle I’m helping build. The components are as follows: Borden Action, Ken Farrell rail, Proof Sendero Light topped with an ATACR 5-25x56mm. My smith says the .950” will work fine but Jared, w/ APA, thinks the 1.031” might be too low. He says he has the 1.125” on his rifle but it’s a heavier contoured Proof. I have the .856” low with my rail, #5 barrel and 4-24x52mm VX-6HD and there’s PLENTY of room. Seekins lows are .92” and their highs are 1.00” so I’m thinking the 1.031” will work. Any help here would be appreciated so we don’t have to order multiple times. Thanks much!

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