aoudad off our ranch hard lesson learned

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    I have been trying to shoot a good ram on this ranch for over three year. It was just one of those deal that every time i would head out to hunt them something would come up and i would not get to hunt the way i wanted to between working on fences,water lines, and what ever else my hunt would not go as planed.

    I was at the ranch 5 weeks ago with a pronghorn hunter and planned on hunting after i got him tagged out. he tagged out in about 3 hours after getting to the ranch. so we started to drive around glassing for me a goat. Now to go back 10 months i had sold my 5.5x22x50 night force to replace it with one with a zero stop. but i had not got it in when i left for the ranch. so i put a vortex viper on my edge the day before i left and got it 0ed in. II was in a hury and i left my PDA setting on the charger at my house. But i have a program on my i phone so no big deal WRONG!!! I drive around a hill side and glass around 40-50 aoudad on a hill about 1500yrds with the wind blowing hard 20-25 i stalked up on them to 450yrds and set up for the shot. i looked at the phone and i read 34 MOA i thought but it was inches not MOA. my PDA give MOA in the first line but my I phone give inches first and then MOA i miss read it then it came to me that was way to much. so in all of the confusetion i lose count and left 1 full turn in the scope and blow the the shot at 450 yrds a walk in the park when every thing was set up before i jacked with it.

    So five weeks later i'm headed back to the ranch a 9 hours one way drive to try it one more time for the year. i get to the ranch and start unloading to have the ranch hand come and tell me i have hit something in the road and cut a big hole in my back tire. I 'm running 35" tires and there is no where in west texas to get one thats matches. So i get to buy a 350.00 tire that doesn't match my others. Oh well i'm here and plan on hunt hard to try and find a good ram. Next morning i'm glassing and i find a small group around 20-25 with one good ram but not as good as the one i missed 5 weeks before and thats it for day one. not what i was hoping for. so the next day i find my self setting on the other side of the ranch with a friend glassing once more. He finaly find a large group 40-50 with two realy nice billy's about an hour before dark and this is my last day to hunt. they where 750 straight up on top of the hill feeding. As i set up for the shot the biggest ram beds down looking right at us the hill is so steep i had to lay stuff under the bi pod to get a shot. the wind is blowing from 3:30-4:00 @ about 10-15 and a little up the hill i find out later. when i take the shot he says what i didn't want to here, u shot right over him and it looks like he is running over the hill shaking his head AND SO WAS I DAM I CAN'T GET A BRAKE!!!!!!!!!!!! I NEVER THOUGHT ABOUT THE DAM WIND BLOWING UP THE HILL. I was sick another 18 hours of driving 700.00 in two dam tires and still no ram. But my friend said lets drive around the other side and walk in and see if they just ran over the hill and stopped we only had bout 45min of day light left. So we load up and HA**. we get there and walking in about a 11/4 miles to where we can glass. we find them doing the same thing just walking and feeding at 500 about then the biggest ram beds down again. so i set up for the shot and check every thing 3-4 time to make sure i didn't blow my last chance. but all i could see was his neck so i let it fly for the base of his neck and i get that lovely sound back WACK. My friend said you nailed him he did even move. After a 11/4 mile walk out to the truck and drive 5 mile back to get the mule and drive back with it. its dark as it can get. We find him and drag him down the hill and start looking him over to find my first shot at 750 hit him right in the horn but didn't do any damage just a hole right though it. I finaly got my ram off this ranch with a very $$$$ and hard lesson learned!!!!!!! DON'T FIX WHAT ISN"T BROKE AND SLOW DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    29.5 right side and 31 1/4left side i think the right side was over 30 but the horn hung on a rock coming down the hill and broke the tip off a little oh well not the biggest but a nice first ram off the ranch and a great time spend with my friend!!!!!!!!
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    A good and humorous read!

    + great advice.

    You definitely paid your dues...
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    congrats, as frustrating as it sounds, im sure it was worth every penny! great trophy!
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    Good to hear I'm not the only one with that kind of luck. Congrats on the nice sheep.