Anyone want some 7/WSM load info?....


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May 28, 2001
I couldn't find any and I know a few folks
are looking for it. I can't remember who emailed me to keep them informed but I beleive it was some of you guys so here it is. I'm sure some of you will catch the FPS between 62 & 63 grains. The fps was telling me I was reaching max but the primers and cases did not show any signs of pressure. The primers are no where near getting flat yet at 64 grains. I will pick up later and start at 64 gians and go up till I see pressure signs.

These loads were safe in my gun. Use this information at your own risk.

7/300WSM Based on the 300 WSM case not the
7/WSM case.

Bullet: Hornady 162 AMAX

Podwer: H4831SC

Primers: Rem. LR

Grains FPS

59.0 2828

60.0 2880

60.5 2921

61.0 2946

62.0 2972

62.5 2989

63.0 2985

63.5 2992

64.0 3045


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