anyone using the bushnell elite 6500

Tony 0321

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Mar 29, 2009
Soldotna, Alaska
I am finally having my rifle built for me in the 300RUM and I was going to put the huskemaw scope on it but I have been looking at the bushnell elite 6500 latley and the 4.5-30 has a lot more magnificatin on it. I was just wondering if anyone is using or have used this scope and how well it tracks how clear it is etc.etc... The more magnification the better for those long shotsgun)
Thanks for you input
I have one. I like it.

It tracks.

It's clear enough for me. I does fuzz a bit at the very end of the magnification range. I only use it there for spotting. Most of my shooting is done at 10-15x. It mils at 10x.

Great scope for the $$$.
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