Anyone using H4831 in a 300WSM?


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Jan 11, 2010
I've been trying RL-17 and 180 Gr Barnes TSX but I'm getting lots of pressure way below max (like at my starting load of about 62 grains). I'd like to end up with a accurate load around 3000 fps. I'm thinking a slower powder may be better for this rifle (New Kimber Montana). I also like the idea of a less temperature sensative powder with the Hodgdon powder.

Any of you guys using this bullet powder combo?

What are you seeing for results?
Give RL 19 a try U might break 3K or very close 2950 FPS with 180's

Have very good luck with IMR 4831 also

Notice RL 17 works great with 155/150 bullets in the 300 WSM
I shoot a Lazzeroni Patriot which is shorter but fatter than the WSM & should be darn near identical in capacity.

The first several loads I used were with RL-19 & Barnes Bullets:

Accuracy load- Lazz case, 215M, 150grn TSX, 71.5grns RL-19 only ~3200fps BUT SD & ES were both single digits, producing several 5 shot one hole groups @ 100yds.

Hunting load- Lazz cases 215M, 180 MRX ~69.0grns RL-19 (sorry can quite remember) for 3050fps average.

New load- Lazz case, 215M, 168 TTSX, 67.0grns RL-17 for avg velocity of 3400fps. SD was 10-14fps... one hole groups, I am still testing this load, seems darn quick I know, but multiple loads on the same brass w/no issues, repeatable velocity & accuracy... we'll see.
Barnes reccomends rl 19 on their load data site to get above 3000fps with the 180. I used H4831 in the wsm but the accuracy load was a fair bit slower than the IMR 4350 loads. Granted I was using nosler 180's not barnes.

I believe that 4350 would be plenty stable, I have not had any problems with it. I am a little surprised that rl-17 gave pressure signs early on. I have nosler e tip data from hogdon, Its monometal and has no driving grooves so I would assume it makes higher pressure on a similar charge. Its max charge with imr 4350 is 64 and with what is gernerally assumed with rl 17 is a 1-1.5g higher for max, so the 62 starting should have been a fairly safe assumption.

Can't really reccomend 4831, love it in the 300 winnie with partitons, but 4350 was my go to powder for all things 300wsm until my morbid facination with rl 17 came along.
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