Anyone using Burris scopes?


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Feb 11, 2006
Every time someone asks for advice on a lower priced scope, the same ones are recommended--Nikon, Bushnell, Leupold. Why not Burris? I've been looking at the Fullfield II tactical models, and they look nice. Surely someone is using them. Any info? Likes/dislikes? Is there a reason they're seldom recommended?
I looked at em about a year back. Almost the first thing I do when looking at a scope is look at the knobs. Lot of scopes just aren't made for dialing all the time. The knobs on the Burris tactical had two problems. First they were numbered backwards. If you needed to turn up the numbers got smaller. So if I wanted to turn up five minutes I had to subtract from 14.5 instead of simply turning up to the five. Besides being backwards, the knob didn't end on a whole number. So, if the thing tracked at all I would have to do backwards math further complicated by the half number.

I called Burris twice. They sounded confused by my questions (some customer service girl who'd never shot a rifle or dialed a knob in her life). I finally asked them to send me replacement knobs. They told me they were available and would arrive shortly. They never did. I didn't buy the Burris and probably never will.

When it comes to spending money I don't like to gamble. I bought a Burris years ago, before I needed scopes with long range capabilities. I liked the scope and wanted to buy another. Burris just goofed with that product. If you find things different I'd like to know.

As for other "inexpensive" scopes, I have had great luck with Nikon. However, the more you play this game the more demanding you will become. If you buy from Cabelas (link on the home page) they have a satisfaction guarantee. You can try a product and bring it back if it doesn't perform. That's worh a lot.
I have a 8-32x Signature, and it has really good glass. It tracks quite well, I've went from 100 yard zero to 600 and back, and it's been dead on every time. BUT, it only has 20 MOA of adjustment, and will get me to about 800 yards with my 6mm Ackley. If it had double the adjustment it would be a great scope, but as it is I wish I had something else, but hey for getting it for $100 is a steal any way you look at it.
I have two Black Diamonds ,they both track well and the glass is good. I also havce a couple of the Bushnell Elite scope in both 3200 and 4200 and they both work very well , clear and bright but they both stay zeroed at a set range.

My choices for a good mid range priced scopes are Leupold, Burris,Nikon
and bushnell Based on "my" likes and uses.

My favorite scope is the leupold LPS because of the features and light
gathering ability.

Next is the burris scopes with side focus and posi lock because they are
very very tough and not quite as expensive as the LPS.

The nikon buckmaster is a very nice scope with great glass for the money.

And the bushnell would be my fourth choice in this price range.

I have tried the "Cheeper" scopes and had trouble with everone of them.
these are in the $200.oo or less range and I will not waste my time and money
on any more of these scopes.

I havent tryed the zeiss conquest but it looks like a good scope for the money.

But if you want to spend $1200.oo and up then there are lots of choices.

Most deer hunters find it hard to spend more for a scope than they spent
on there rifle so the $300.oo to $600.oo is the range they buy.

And to answer your question ,I don't know why more Burris are recomended.

It,s just a matter of personal preference.

I worked for a very large shooting supply company (supposably the #1 seller of optics) and we had more return on Burris scopes than any other. BSA was second. That say something...and it's not good. I've also used a few Burris scopes that are really good, but I won't be buying any.
I've read some negative things about Burris scopes from a fellow that makes his living selling scopes. He also hunts and uses scopes himself. He knows a fair amount about glass and optics. Based on those comments, I won't be purchasing Burris scopes until I start to hear and read of improving quality from some people that are knowledgable and informed on scope quality.

So many hunters have only used one or two brands of scopes and end up developing a loyalty to them, deserved or undeserved. I used to be one of them and got along OK - ignorance was bliss. Eventually I became aware of better optics for the same money I was paying for my long-time brand. Exposure to all the different brands and options available is a valuable asset. I value reading about scope quality from dealers that both sell and use scopes because they get exposure to so many different brands and models. Scott from Liberty Optics and Jon from The Optic Zone are just two examples that quickly come to mind. They'll ocassionally offer a largely unbiased opinion and I pay attention when they do.
Fullfield II tactical

I'm not a big Burris fan but I do have a Fullfield II tactical 4.5-14. The backward knob thing has been fixed. My buddy bought one before me and the knobs were backwards, mine are not. It does seem to track well and is stable enough, the one on my 25-06 allows me to shoot sub 1/2MOA 7 shot groups. The knobs are squishy, they don't exactly go to the numbers that they're supposed to (i.e. it's on zero, go to 6.5 (which may look like 6.4 or 6.6) and then back to zero, which you can tell is zero but it may be 0.25 or -0.25). All things you can figure out if you just go handle one at the store. My advice is go find one at a store and finger it some and compare it to the others. See if it makes you happy.
Burris scopes

I have an 8-32 Signature on my 220 Swift. Took an antelope at 627 yards one shot in the wind in Wy. Ranged it, measured it, dialed it, killed it, 3 witnesses. Back to zero shot a turkey at 160yrds. Shot prairie dogs for a day and no problems.

My son has a 3-9 Fullfield II on his 25-06 can hit milk jugs pretty consistently out to 600 using the ballistiplex reticle.

His consistency with that reticle lead me to a 4.5-14 Fullfield II on my Muzzleloader. The ballistiplex reticle works out perfectly to 250 on my rifle/load combo. I can shoot 3" groups at 200 with it. I like more magnification for target shooting too. Did I mention aging eyes.

The only peeve I have is that the 8-32 could be brighter on the very upper end. (I shot the antelope on 24x)

They do what I need them to do for me.
I sold my leupy's and replaced them with Burris signatures and will continue. Years back they had an issue with reticles coming loose, but that has been remedied some time ago. I purchased an 8-32 with a busted crosshair for a steal,...sent it back, had the reticle changed to BMD, turret covers replaced, new bikin cover, and sent back to me within 2 weeks for free. The others have never had so much as a hickup, and to me, they are brighter than comparable leupys with better angles on their rear lenses. MHO I like my Burris scopes, they flat out perform.

some say this and that scope had to go back too many times, so they heard, and so on.........

I have had to send a leupy MK IV back, and a Nightforce NXS, happens to every product.
I think both Burris and Bushnell have made BIG strides in the last few years on their scopes. I don't personally have either as I'm a Zeiss guy but have friend with both and they aren't bad scopes for the money. Bushnell's warranty is second to none if there is a problem as well.
Anyone using Burris csopes?

I have been using Burris scopes for sometime now and they have not let me down but I will say that these are all the one's made in the USA as they do have thier Fullfield 2 models made in the Phillipines. The Euro - Diamond or the Black Diamond are great scopes and they do stand behind thier product as my first Burris that I bought in 1980 finally gave out but it had been on so many rifles from .280 - 375 H&H but they fixed it and when it came back I had to put it on one of my 338 as I was leaving to go hunting and the Leupy that was on it fell apart for the 2nd time!


I looked through the Burris one day and liked it enough to buy one. The only beef i had with the scope was it had 1/8" clicks and 1/4" markings on the turrets. You had to crank from 0-2 to get one MOA. Not to difficult to do, but i added another hundred to the price and got the leupy 6-20 with target knobs and no complaints. I was suprised at how much clearer the new leupy is compared to one I have a swift that was built in the early 80's.
The Burris Black Diamond scopes are the best buy available on scopes. About 8-10 years ago when Leupold quality control just went to crap and I was sending back a large percentage of what I ordered and when I received the new stuff back it was also bad I started looking. At the time Burris was just fixing there problems with the crosshairs on the Black Diamonds and I could buy them refurbished through my dealer pricing for a song. They then had the awesome glass they are known for and the newly designed reticles for half price. Since then I put Burris Black Diamonds on everything I shoot. The glass is much brighter than anything other than the zeiss and swarovski which it is at least equal to in all the low light tests I have put them through. I had people at my range with swarovski's that had to quit shooting as it got dark but I could still see the targets well with my black diamonds. I have never experienced a problem with them. At 20 ounces the 4x16x50's are awesome scopes for a hunting rifle. On the internet they can be found around $590.

When you have a range and you get to see all kinds of stuff it is amazing the things you find out. One of my distributors was closing out some Simmons Whitetail Classic 6.5x20x50 a few years back for like $89 each. They originally sold for like $350. I had some 22 caliber varmint rifles that were never shot over 400 yards anyway and clicks were not a consideration so I ordered a half dozen to try. A number of people were quite upset when these turned out to be noticably clearer and brighter than their 6.5x20 Leupolds at $800. They couldn't go up and down the clicks with the Leupolds but if you didn't need that they were a bargain. Right now I own 19 of these scopes and plum tickled over them.
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