Anyone use this for the rut?


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Jul 26, 2009
Saw this post on another site. Might be fun to see where it goes?

I have a good buddy of mine who has shared this gross tip to use in the rut, but i haven't tried it yet, and probably wont,(ill stick with tinks69) but he takes his wives old pads/tampons and hangs them wherever he is hunting, and i kid you not, he kills more big bucks than anybody i know every single year. has anybody ever heard of this? has anyone tried it? i think ill pass on the tip but i was just wondering if he's the only nut who does it....

"Aim small miss small", :D

Never tried that but i have taken her hunting with me during her time of the month. Had a buck come right under where we were sitting and sniff around a while. As disgusting as it is there may be something to it.
This is a funny thread!!!
My wife would kill me if I ask her for the used tampons, or if I take them out of the garbage. Just kill me!!!
I would love to read more comments on this.
Could you imagine getting pulled over on your way and the cop wanting to go through your bags. Would like to see his face when he found that! Thats funny right there!!!!
Hilarious, I'm still laughing. If you want the big mature bucks then go with the maxi-pads. All Joking aside that's what I would call "Nasty Hunting". I want to know does your friend take them down or leave them up so in spring he has memories of last years hunt. Ohhh I'm still laughing.
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