Anyone Use A Dillon Reloader?

I am going to have to go against the grain here...

I have set up in large primer, one in small primer.

I load up all my rifle ammo (and pistol ammo) on these presses.

Full length resize or neck size and prime on the first stage. Then off to the Giraud if the brass needs trimming.

Rifle cases get measured/filled by the RCBS ChargeMaster combo. You do not have to worry about powder bridging...

Bullets get seated by the Forster Benchrest Seater dies (or the Ultras). These seater dies seat on the ogive and the case. Not the bullet tip. Much better bullet/case concentricity.

All on the 550B...
I used a Dillon 650 for several years. I have owned several progressive presses but liked the Dillon best. Two years ago I found myself not reloading as much so I sold my Dillon and now use a few Lyman turret presses. Dillon equipment is some of the best but changing calibers on the 650 is time consuming. If I were going to buy a progressive press now I'd buy the RCBS 7 station progressive. All the reviews and articles I have seen are extremely positive. The price is about the same as Dillon but I believe the RCBS is better value.
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