Anyone use a Dillon Elimanator scale ?


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Apr 2, 2009
I bought a LEE anniversary kit about 3 yrs ago and have been happy with but the only problem was the scale. it would move when i had it set by a 1/10or 2 after just a couple of loads. The locking mechanism just does not work. i finally had enough and ordered a new Dillon Elimanator scale. Has anyone used this scale before? Looks similar to a RCBS 505 but not as much money. any info would help?
My terminator is 9 years old and this year I now just use it to doublecheck my RCBS autodispenser.
Has been a solid unit with no problems.
Used it today and must say what a difference. I like it, better than my LEE scale. Do not have to worry and check my settings after ever load to see if the scale moved. Awesome!gun)
MR...I dont like the fact that about 1/2 the charges will be over a tenth of a grain or so . I have to scoop a few kernels out to get it right on. Matches the readings on my dillon exactly.I could set the dispenser to be a little shy and drop in the last few though.
Beats the heck out of scoop and pour method I used to use. Overall I'm pretty happy with it.
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