Anyone shooting a 33 Nosler or 338- 26(28,30)nosler?


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Sep 16, 2014

This cartridge has peaked my interest. I am curious who is using it and what kind of bullets and velocities you are getting. I am looking to use this as a hunting rifle and prefer to use the heavies. I like the high BC and heavy weight of the 300 gr bullets. I would like to see 2600 FPS or faster. Is this possible. This would probably be throated for a COAL up to about 3.75". I have been using the 300 Gr accubonds and this would be my first choice in bullet. I intend to use a 28" tube.

I keep looking at the 30 nosler or 28 nosler but I am limited in heavy for caliber hunting bullets that I would trust on Mr. Brown bear.

I am going to be building the rifle off an older Sako action that was a given to me from my father so it has a lot sentimental value to me. I would prefer to keep the mag boltface and would like to not have to make too crazy of modifications to the magazine (currently 3.650") hence looking into shorter cases. If this were not the case I would stick with my 338 Lapua.

Thanks for the input.



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Apr 8, 2012
California Central Coast
I don't know what the specs will be in the 33 Nosler I made a 338/26 Nosler.

Used it on elk 2 years ago. Bang Flop.

There are a couple new powders since I did all the load work ups for the 277/26, 284/26 (28 Nosler), 308/26 (not the same as a 30-Nosler) and 338/26-Nosler.

To answer your question, yes you can easily make +2600fps with a 300 grain bullet.

A 28" tube makes it a diddle even at a COAL of 3.650

You are looking at 4000 to 5000 'lb of energy, as in lots and lots.

I don't know the Sako actions that well. I used Mark V actions for the 308/26 and 338/26, R700 for the 28 and 277/26.