Anyone shooting 87gr V-Max .243 Win?


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Jun 12, 2007
Just starting to get the bug to work up loads for a long range coyote bomber. Looking at projectiles, this 87 gr Vmax has a great BC for a varmint bullet. Anyone running these for coyotes and the like? How well do they perform at longer ranges? Playing with RL 17 so I'm hoping I can get them to around 3,300 fps.
I run them at about 3000fps also, out of a 6BR though. Haven't put one in a coyote yet but rockchucks out to around 800 have eaten them. They get the job done, for sure.:D
I just purchased a new 243 X-bolt and this Hornady bullet caught my attention also. I just finished barrel break-in this week with some factory ammo and about to get started reloading.

I'm a huge fan of the Vmax and SX bullets in 224 caliber. They work great on ground squirrels and coyotes.

What powders and loads have you all had success with for this bullet?
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