Anyone hunt with a 6BR?

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  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I have been reading for years on the 6BR, and am getting motivated to start a new project.
    I was wondering if anyone hunts with one, and what action, and who smithed it.

    Thanks, Jason
  2. Carbonman

    Carbonman Active Member

    Jan 9, 2003
    I shoot a 6 BR on deer occasionally. I built it on a 788 Remington originally chambered in 22-250. I put it together for my wife but borrow it once in a while. It feeds fine from the original magazines. It's a light #2 Mike Rock barrel 22" 1:8 twist. After seeing the price of a Canjar trigger, I converted the original to be fully adjustable. I have not shot many deer with it, however, the 3 I put down didn't know it was a little BR case that launched the 90 grain Ballistic Tip. I get 3050 fps with a case full of VV N550.
    I like to have around 900 f/p of energy on deer and confine this package to shooting over a couple of alfalfa pivots that range out to 350 yards.
    This is not a pretty rifle but it shoots any load I've tried into 1/2 moa and many of them into half that.
    This is only the 2nd BR that I've built, the other was a short walk around rifle built on a 660 Remington.
    This is not my idea of a long range chambering for hunting big game, however, it is a delight to carry and easily handled by those small of frame.
    You can stretch the ranges out using the 105 A-Max and a 26" barrel to get 1000 f/p of energy at nearly 500 yards.
    I am my favorite rifle builder but I also highly recommend George Gardner at GA Precision. GA's Website
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Thank you for sharing with us your experience. Your 788 sounds real close to what I would like to end up with. A rifle that is light, accurate, and with low recoil, and can put them down at medium range. 400-500 yards is all that I need. Thanks again, Jason
  4. lynn

    lynn Well-Known Member

    Jul 18, 2003
    My father used his 6BR exclusively this year on deer here in California.We only shoot the little Blacktails and the 6BR works well out past 600 yards.He is shooting 107 Sierras at 2970 fps through a 30 inch 8 twist Hart barrel.The key wit the 6BR is using the rigt primer and the CCI 450 Magnum is the right primer.To make the longer shots you really need a laser etched turret with the yardages clearly marked.The range card tape to the stock method has long passed us.
    Makes the turrets and your hit ratio will go way up when combined with a laser rangefinder.
  5. jb1000br

    jb1000br Well-Known Member

    Jul 8, 2003
    M40--since the 6br pretty much equals the 243..NO PROBLEM, just make sure you can make it feed!!

    the 788 and tikka are the only foolproof way i know of at the moment.

    btw--also for your 6br interests, check out [​IMG]

  6. PeterC

    PeterC Member

    Jun 1, 2004
    I have a 6 mm Norma BR built on a Sako L579 action. It has a 1-8" Border SS barrel. Recently finished break-in and haven`t had the time to do any serious shooting. Will use this gun for both hunting an paper punching. The only bad part so far is the feeding which only works if cycling the bolt slowly.
    Here is a picture:

    Since the picture was taken I have modified the stock with a Versa-Pod adapter drilled and glued in the forend.


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  7. Jay Winfield

    Jay Winfield New Member

    Jan 28, 2004
    Janson - I have 2 hunting rifles in 6BR. The first is on a Win M70 SA with a 26" Krieger 1x10" #5 barrel, McMillan Sako varmint stock and a leupold 6.5-20x50mm M1 scope. This rifle has taken coyotes out to 625 yds with Sierra 70 BK's/N540/205m/Lapua brass. The second, I just got it yesterday, is on a lighten Rem 600 action with a 20" Shilen 1x10" #1 barrel, Banser stock and a leupold 3-9x40mm scope. At 6 lbs, complete with scope/sling/ 3 rds, this will make an excellent deer rifle with 100 gr Hornady SP's. - Jay