Anyone have any data for 338 LM and WC 857 Surplus


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Mar 24, 2012
From what I’ve read the burn rate is close to H1000, Retumbo Ramshot Magnum and H870 should be good for 338LM but definitely start 15% lower than any data you find as I understand the surplus powders vary widely by lot. may be able to give you some information. They sell a lot of surplus ammunition components and likely sold the wc857 to a reseller….

I found one load from 2013 on castbullits forum. Just as a reference… all caveats apply

From 2013…
Ive been playing with WC 857 for a few months. I have a Savage 111 long range hunter 338 Lapua Here is what I found out.
Using 225gr SST
82gr 2600fps col3.541 too slow
92gr 2737fps
98gr 2961fpslow hi-3059fps
99.5gr string 1 2935 2- 2973 3-2860fps
102gr compressed speed dropped 2850fps col3.541
dec 16 2012 2pm 55deg 59 humidity I changed the col to .0050 off lands to a col of 3.6
I went to 102Gr 50 off the lands and it hit 3107fps this powder does not like to be compressed.
I have seen a few red paint specs in the powder so it is pulled from tracers. I have seen some greenish blue residue around the fired cased I dont think it is corrosive it wipes off I had primer problems with CCI34 found out the primers were good the rifle did not have enough oomph to set them off called CCI and was told FED215. problem solved im still using this powder it works it is cheap
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Jul 7, 2009
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Thanks fellas for the input.....soewe812, it is 857....mdvctry, it came from Bartlett direct, and I got his directions..... Just trying to get some loads that worked well with this powder, as I don't want to waste these 246gr Hammers working up loads...Thanks again guys


Nov 8, 2019
Bakersfield, Tx
Following.. i got the same powder from the same guy this week... the friend who steered me this way got his a few weeks ago and is just now starting load up.. his chronograph took a crap so waiting on a new one... I’ll share his data and mine if you share yours when ya get it


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Oct 24, 2007
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While I have not loaded WC857 in a 338LM, it has produced some decent loads in a few others. As above, its burn rate is similar to H1000 with load data from H-870 or AA-8700 usable with a 10% reduction for start. This powder is demill from 50 cal tracer ammo.