Anyone Familiar with the Weatherby MK XXII

love mine had it 40 years
So Mr. Diesel 505, Did you ever purchase the Maek XX11 rifle?? If so, have you shot it yet?? Its a great 22 rifle!!! I hope you are really pleased with it.


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Thank You LR Hunting Guy, I just saw this thread for the first time a few days ago. I did not notice it started along time ago. I don't understand why an old thread just re appears. My mistake but thank you. I will read the dates before I answer.
I have never seen a lever action nylon 66. How old?
I know a local guy who has a collection of Remington Nylon 66's. I've never seen his collection, but he's told me about it. He has a number of Nylon 66's I was aware of having been made. He has them in various colors (Apache Black, Mohawk Brown and and olive green), a number of different actions (semi-auto, lever and bolt) as well as different magazines (tube fed and removable mag). My first gun was 22LR Nylon 66 in Apache Black and nickel. It's a really accurate gun as long as you shoot it with open sights. The front and rear open sights are both attached to the barrel so it's steady. OTOH, when I put a scope on mine, it walked all over the place. The scope attaches to a metal shroud covering the nylon action. The barrel attaches to the nylon action. This set up is not very sturdy and has a lot of point of impact changes. I've heard of some that shoot well w/ a scope, but not many. Although my eyes no longer shoot open sights very well, my Nylon 66 is still a cherished gun.