Anyone ever get banned from a forum?


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Apr 7, 2021
I got banned from the hide as well. While in a thread discussion about brass a participant mentioned he couldn’t find any. I offered to sell him some at what I had paid. Hide banned me for that. No interest in ever going back. This is my FB. Don’t belong to Facebook either or any of the other whacked out social networking sights. I also visit the Hammer forum for some advice or guidance from time to time.
Didn't even get one foot in the door. Application was banned 🚫👀. All I wanted was a Demo Nightforce. No explanation, no nothing 🤔 Cannot even contact administration. Weirdo's


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Feb 25, 2008
No Australians I know drink Fosters.
It’s not a full bodied beer like other beers here.
We have a beer here called Furphy, it’s fairly new but is a fantastic beer on a hot summer day.



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May 1, 2011
Gillette, Wy
The real world is full of bullies you can stand them down but on the web all you can do is hit ignore
I'm going to go against the grain here. It is good you are able to hit ignore, if I censored crap I would not know who our president is.
I think all the forums I frequent are about as civil as can be, this one included. Have you ever been in a hobby where conjecture and subjectivity can rule like LR rifle shooting? I myself am surprised there is not more aggressiveness. Participants in LR has way more than doubled since the advent of PRS.

The dislike of the 6,5 creedmoor on this forum I would bet really has no bearing on the case itself, but of novices making claims that many feel cannot be substantiated. People read, are told, or over hear and believe that information is in fact the only way things can be done. People buy products left and right based off others successes and there is no way on earth they can duplicate the results they are trying to mimic. We live in a world where people think 1 offs could indeed be the new gold standard. Look no further than these covid vaccines. IMO, when these people now start passing out advice, things can go sideways quickly. Given the fact that most of us were not on a high school or college debate team and can tackle a confrontation or argument constructively, again surprised more knockout blows thrown.
At times, the most knowledgeable people have to lay it out, or bow out, and today we see too much of people in the know shutting down. No one wins here, and welcome to our future.

If you think I am off my rocker, search out ELR record posts, any forum, exclude vintage rifle ones, but find one that has remained civil.
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