Anybody using the Lazzeroni calibers????


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Jul 31, 2003
I have the Sako/WarBird myself it is not back from the gunsmith yet (muzzle Brake) so I have not had it to the range yet. I'm curious to hear from other Lazzeroni caliber owners how they like there rifle and how do they shoot?
warbird/sako mix sounds great
I have read little about the "warbird" on this or any board
Some don't like the brass
Might be a chevy vs ford thing
It seems that most people shoot customized Rems
Got a buddy of mine that has the 7.82 Patriot in an XP pistol that he uses for elk, etc. I believe he's getting .5" with the Sierra 180 Gameking. Has had no problems with the brass so far.

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sscoyote, I originaly wanted a 308 patriot, they have about 40% less recoil than the 308 WarBird and the short mags are supposed to be quite accurate, more so than the WarBird. I read a Rifle Shooter magazine report where they tested several Lazzeroni/Savages right out of the box, one of them shot a 1 hole group right out of the box! BUT! It is virtualy impossible to get the Lzzeroni/Savage north of the 49th parallel, Lazzeroni is the only one selling the Lazz/Savage Patriot and will not bother with the overwhelming proccess. I have read negative posts on the brass and very positive posts saying the brass is tough and lasts forever, time will tell I guess. I am definately going to pick up a Savage/Lazz Patriot when the situation changes as for now people are having the 308 Patriot made by custom gun builders $$$$$$$$$. For now I'm searching info for the 308 Sako/Lazzeroni WarBird cartridge with the 150 TSX and IMR 7828 powder.
I have shot 19 rounds out of mine...quite disappointing actually. 3" to 4" groups at 100yds!!!!!! I spoke with a gunsmith that had the same problem with his Sako in 8mm Mag, and a new recoil lug fixed his problem. The TRG-S's recoil lug (or lack thereof) is pathetic. I just finished bedding the action from the tang to about the first 3/4" of the bbl. I also had a muzzle brake installed, and I'm crossing my fingers, hoping that at least the bedding will fix my problem. It is one thing for you to consider. I might have got a lemon, and yours may shoot like a dream, much like my best friend's...but if it wont group, take your action out of the stock and look at the itty bitty recoil tab that's supposed to prevent movement in the stock. If there are shiny spots before and after that recoil tab, your action is moving in the stock. Either get ahold of Rod at Accrabond Laminates, ([email protected]) or find a gunsmith to glass bed your action. Here is a copy of his email to me, explaining his solution:

"The fix is not terribly expensive. Call Dan at 406-755-4867. We'll fabricate a cubic recoil lug that is press fit into the slot on the underside of the receiver. We then drill out the recoil tab in the receiver and hog out a bunch of plastic around the hole. Epoxy is poured into the hole and the new recoil block is bedded. No other part of the bedding is touched. Cost = $100.

A side benefit is you around now ready for stocking in wood or other stock if you want. All you need is bottom metal. My TRG has been ULTRA reliable with this fix."
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