Anybody use the "Muley Pod?"

Jon A

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Dec 28, 2001
Mukilteo, WA
I can't remember if it has been discussed here before, did a search and didn't come up with anything. Anyway, here it is:


I use one of the tall Harris bi-pods primarily for sitting position--and it works great for that. It works OK from prone, but as you can see, even on the shortest setting it's a bit tall--which I like for hunting because it makes prone position more likely to be usable.


I've tried the "rice in the sock" thing and it works OK but by the time I get a sock tall enough, it isn't all that steady and it's bulky to carry around.

This Muley Pod seems to be just what the doctor ordered (for me anyway).

Anybody try one?

I tried a muley pod on my Tub 2000. It has a Harris bipod. The muley pod shook too much for me so I took it of and tried a versa pod?(I think that was the name. It is black molded plastic bottom, and is alot more stable, and I like it alot)
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