Anybody tried H50BMG in a 7MM RUM?


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Jul 6, 2002
7 REM mag is rather small capacity magnum , burning rate in the IMR 7828 / H1000 range can deliver best velocity , slower can give good accuracy as AA8700 but slow velocity and a lot carbon fouling

good shooting

DANTAC, I was referencing a 7 MM Remington Ultra Mag, case capacity > 100 grains ...

I've tried it im my stw at 80 grains and lost a lot of velocity compared to h1000. I use the Berger 180 vld though so slow powder is what I need.
Give it a shot and see what happens. We stuffed each 100 grains of h50bmg and h1000 into a 300 tomahawk with 210 bergers and the h1000 produced 3300 fps while the h50bmg produced 3100 fps.
Just for comparison maybe to help you.
Good to see ya Dantec.

Check out my post "Figure Out this 7 RUM?"
I had good luck with the H1000 (for some groups - others, not so good!)

Hodgdon suggests H50BMG loaded for 168 grns. MK start at 94.0 grains and max at 100 grns.
Quoted velocity runs about the same 2942 - 3118 fps respectively.

Still working out the kinks with mine. Keep looking though!
daveosok and The_Mountaineer:

I am looking for something a little slower than Retumbo. I have been shooting Retumbo and getting too much pressure.

Two options from there, less Retumbo or a slower powder.

Since I am at the bottom of the range for Hodgdon's Retumbo load data, I was thinking of going to a slower powder.

I have tried WC872 and liked the burn rate. It has a reputation on this site for not being too good in hot weather though. I live in Texas and shoot in 94+ degree weather regularily.

Hopefully a 28 inch barrel will be long enough to take advantage of the slow burn rate of H50BMG.

Anyone tried H50BMG in a 7MM RUM?

I was thinking that H50BMG is a little slower than Retumbo, maybe in the same speed range as WC872. Would be more temperature stable than WC872 being a Hodgdon Extreme powder.

May work well for heavy for the caliber bullets in a 7 MM RUM with a long barrel.

Anyone tried this? What would be a good starting point for a 7 MM RUM and the 168 GR MK?

H50BMG gave probably the WORST groups in my 7RUM from 8 different powders. Retumbo has been fairly accurate, but like you I've had excessive pressure early on with alot of empty case below the shoulder.

Try some 5010 pulldown powder. It may accelerate throat erosion, but it's been the most accurate for me.
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