Anybody out there have experience with both the NF 5.5-22x & 8-32x scopes???


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May 3, 2009
Rock Springs, WY
I've got a dilemma. I'm torn between the 5.5-22x and 8-32x Nightforce NXS scopes. It will be going on a 7mm AM sometime this spring. I currently have a 5.5-22x 50mm on an 7RUM HS precision. I love this scope. But sometimes while using my current setup on 22X I feel like it would be nice to have a little more power, mainly while field judging antlers cause I left my spotting scope back at the truck. I'm not saying I'd use the 32x power very often... I'd guess most conditions with mirage would prevent this. But for those of you out there that have the 8-32x do you really use the range from 22-32x very often? And if so do you find the extra magnification useful when long range shooting?

I think I could probably fix the limited 65moa adjustment range with around 40moa cant in the base and rings. Any help or personal preferences on this is greatly appreciated as I don't want to be swapping scopes out mid-summer when I'll be getting most of my practice sessions in with the new rifle.

Thanks in advance guys.

I've got a 5.5-22 by 56 mm NXS and an 8-32x BR model. I can tell you...for me...I use all 32x on my BR scope. I used it for shooting PD's out to 850 yards and I'm glad I had the extra magnification. The only downside...going from 5.5 to 8x on the bottom end. That can make it difficult when hunting in closer quarters...say in timber.

As far as needing the 40 m.o.a. base...I don't know. My rifles all have 20 m.o.a. bases and I haven't run into any problems. But I've only shot to about the 1K range...perhaps you'd need more for longer ranges. Perhaps someone can help with that.

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On a 7AM and a NXS 8-32 X56mm with a 20 MOA base using a 200 gr Wildcats I can dial to about 2200 -2400 yards. I am about one rev off of bottom. I would suggest that if you wish to count times and score the animal that you consider moving on up to the 56mm. On the other hand the big objective lens and max mag do not like low sun angles. Sometimes I put two or three sunshades on to keep the sun from the lens.

For smaller calibers and F-class I just use the 5-22X 56mm NXS or a Leupold V3.
BuffaloBob & Senderofan,

Thanks for the insight on the moa of cant needed. Buffalobob your setup sounds amost identical to what I am trying to get accoplished. I had planned on getting the 20moa base to start off with. Then adding a 20moa NF unimount if that wasn't enough. Just rough calculating I figured 65moa was going to be putting it pretty close w/20moa at 1900yds.

So it won't be limited by the 65moa vs. the 100moa. I can live with 8x as a low power setting, as I won't be hunting in timber, (plains, sagebrush, and above treeline). The weight and size of the scopes are fairly similar. Seems like it's definitely worth a try. Then I won't be second guessing this substantial investment.

Thanks guys:).
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