anybody know anything about a stainless/laminated hvy barrel win mdl 70???


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Feb 10, 2010
just east of memphis, tn
i just ran across a mdl 70 with a laminated stock and hvy stainless barrel in 300wsm its brand new and was offered to me for $400 looks like a nice gun trigger feels pretty good barrel is free floated etc but i cant affod to buy a piece of junk any help would be greatly appreciated
I am working on a tight budget and this was much less than I was expecting to spend. however I need to know what kind of groups can be expected. in a perfect world I would ave a brand new sendero in my cabinet since I've always been a remington guy but I just cant afford one. I was about to buy either a tikka, a 700sps, or a savage. but this really caught my eye. I know somebody out there knows quite a bit about mdl 70's please help
If its factory, its probably a Win M-70 Coyote!
My cousin has 1 in 270wsm and the thing drives tacs!
Right out of the box his was sweet! we lightened up the lawyer trigger and it shoots consistant 7/8'' to 1'' 5 shot groups with factory ammo at 100 yds. And smaller than that with hand loads.
Coyote doesnt have the ''pre-64 style'' extractor claw. But that old fashioned win bolt on the Coyote works VERY well in his set up. Ive hered good things from other ''Win m-70 Coyote'' owners too but only have experience with his. If I had the $ Id buy it in a heartbeat!lightbulb
The information that Winmag gave you is correct. I own a Model 70 Winchester Coyote in 300WSM. I bought it in 2002 and I have been shooting it at targets ever since then. With the correct load the gun will shoot! My son in law shot a five shot group that measured .25 center to center with this gun. It will not always shoot that good but it will almost always keep 5 shots under .75 inches. I have replaced the trigger with a Timney but other than that it is stock.

I see you are in Memphis. You need to tell me where you found that gun so that if you don't buy it I would like to buy it myself.
I put a chunk on it and the gun is in layaway... but it will be in my cabinet by the weekend. you said the rifle is stock??? no bedding job or anything??? wow
my next investment will be reloading equipment. but any suggestions for factory ammo to get me by for the time being??? and what kind of accuracy can you get with factory ammo???
My gun never has shot much factory ammo. When I first bought the gun I shot some Winchester 150 grains Silver BT because no one at that time had much load data for the 300WSM. In fact I was rather disappointed with the accuracy of the factory ammo,(1.5 inches for 3 shots) so I started reloading as quickly as I could get dies and data. I started to realize how accurate this gun would shoot when I loaded some 165 grain Nosler Partitions in WW brass with RL-19 powder. This load would shoot 5 shots under an inch.. My results with the Nosler bullets led me to try some match bullets. I found that I could get great accuracy with 155 grain Sierra match and that is the bullet that my son in law shot the .25 inch group. Since then I have shot many Sierra match bullets,(155, 168, and 175). As for hunting bullets I found that I could get very good accuracy using 168 Barnes TSX bullets as well as the Nosler Partitions already mentioned.

What I found was the more I shot the gun the more accurate it became. I don't know if it was just the barrel getting broke in or that I was just finding better loads. Any way I am very pleased with the gun.
did you ever experement with the heavier 180 gr. factory ammo??? just curious... btw there is a model 70 with a laminated stock and a matte lighter barrel at guns and ammo in memphis for 499 if this helps. sorry Im not aware of any coyotes in town other than the one I got. and I have been to every gun shop in town in the past week shopping around
Cabelas had some close out ammo for sale and I bought a box of Federals loaded with a Nosler 180 solid base bullets. I think that Nosler has discontinued these bullets so this was a one time deal. I shot a three shot group with this load in my Model 70 Coyote and it shot about 1.5 inches, about the same as the 150 Winchester Bt's. The one thing great about the Nosler 180 load was I chronographed them at an average of 3055 ft/sec..

I will check with Gun and Ammo and see if they still have the Model 70. That is where I bought the gun we are talking about.
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