SOLD/EXPIRED anybody interested in a cheap CARMS custom 338RUM


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Aug 2, 2006
back up for sale

ive had this gun for 3 years now and havent shot it in 2. its a great shooter. has shot every factory and hand loads 3/4" with most going1/2" or less. really likes the 210 swift bullet.

it is a carms carbon one custom with a 26" bull barrel +break , jewel trigger at 1 pound and a carms custom thumbhole stock. action has been lightened and teflon coated.

rifle has bout 400 rds shot. love this gun but figured somebody should be shooting it.can eamil pics

this is a $4500 rifle new. i will sell for $2500 shipped to your ffl. there is not a mark one on this rifle it could pass for new. also i have scoped the barrel and it could pass for never been fired.

heres what there web site says bout the rifle.

The Christensen Arms Carbon One Custom rifle is becoming the most sought after custom rifle on the market. The Custom is the elite choice in the Christensen Arms line of fine rifles. The Carbon One Custom Rifles are based on an Remington action fully customized to include the following:

Receiver trued and faced
Bolt faced and lugs lapped
Lightened & Tefloned Bolt
Laser Engraved Christensen Arms Logo on the Action
Custom Timney trigger adjusted to customer specs
Optional Upgrade: Jewell Trigger.................................$225
Optional Upgrade: Remington Titanium Action.............$1200
The Quality/Christensen large diameter, high strength, ultra-light, high modulus, graphite/epoxy is wrapped over a match grade precision Shilen stainless steel machined barrel blank. The barrel, up to 28" in length, is chambered to minimum tolerances for maximum velocity and accuracy. The barreled action assembly is bedded into a custom stock of your choice with the barrel free-floating. Available in all popular calibers, Lazzeroni calibers, and most Wildcat calibers. You can completely customize your Carbon One Custom Rifle with our interactive rifle builder . Choose the parts you want, see how it will look, and place your order!

Weight: 5 1/2 to 7 lbs
Accuracy guarantee: 3 shots 1/2" or less at 100 yards
Carbon One Custom lead-time: 4 Months

Price: $4150.00 (US)
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Hey again didn't get the pics double checked the email address that i posted and its correct contact me if its not working

So i have ask, i've requested pictures 2 times for a rifle that you are selling,is there a problem that i don't know about?
warbird i sent the pics to you the other day. i will send again. if you dont get them let me know. well see what we can do. thanks
Please send pics to: [email protected]

Does this include any brass, dies, etc?

What's the longest kill? Do you have any pics of long range groups?

Looking forward to your email.

pics on the way. and it is for rifle only. the longest kill this rifle has made is 1069yd coyote and then a 694yd elk. but i have shot some groups at a mile in the 20" range but no pics. im pretty sure this rifle cuold do better on a better day.

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