Anybody in mid-west Arkansas interested in a Wyoming huntin buddy??


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Jul 27, 2008
or make sure you have a nice neighbor to shoot on his property,wr have 8 acres here and behind us is a hay field and the owner lets me mow a 12 wide swath 500 yards long and when he plants beans I can get out to 800 yards with my steel targets, and I was complaining at out tax assessor a couple of months ago about our property taxes being 1300.00. we are both retired and it is tough to get by at times and sucks getting old. I have been to AR and it is a very pretty state been there a couple of times up north


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Oct 25, 2007
Texas Hill Country
That is great you have a neighbor that lets you shoot into his property. Getting to go out to 800 yards would be awesome. We have a 500 yd range at our local club, but it is "appointment only" & frequently closed for (make up any weird reason).

As for taxes, we looked hard at Oklahoma (in addition to AR) because they have a law limiting property tax increases to no more than 3% per year, which helps protect a person from quickly getting priced out of their home. Your $1300 a year is over $100 a month (which is a bummer) but seems pretty good, relatively speaking. Hopefully it stays that low for a long time.

Bill Cauley Jr

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Mar 1, 2016
So unfortunately I have to leave my wonderful home state of Wyoming so my wife can pursue further education and work opportunities in her career, so I am likely moving to Arkansas anywhere from one month to 4 months from now, and will be there for anywhere from 3 to 7 years before I can move back here. And don't get me wrong, I don't hate Arkansas by any means, but I will certainly miss being able to hunt monster mulies every year at 10,000 ft elevation with a $38 OTC tag, and chase 300"+ bulls every year with a $58 OTC tag as well. That one is going to hurt. I wish you were moving to Tennessee

But while I am in Arkansas, I am wondering if I will be able to do any LR hunting of the whitetail deer, possibly hogs, or anything else. I am also interested in archery hunting as well, as I chase elk with a bow out here too. The entire year I live for the fall hunting season. It is 100% new to me, the only person I know out there is my father in law, and I have only visited one time.

I plan on coming back to Wyoming every year to hunt, the area I will be applying for has about a 50% or so draw odds for non-resident doe/fawn pronghorn, and I know the ranchers here and can hunt on their land (there are areas in the mid east and north east side of the state that are 100% draw odds, but access is a little more challenging, but doable if interested) and I also know how to get a 100% draw odd non-resident late season cow/calf elk tag (for under $300), with FANTASTIC long range opportunities. So if someone could help me out in Arkansas, I could certainly help them out in return on a Wyoming hunt or two, as this is my stomping grounds. We could even split travel expenses, and there is no trespass or guide fee, just travel to Wyoming for a pronghorn or elk hunt, or both, and have a good time.

A hunting buddy wouldn't be a bad thing for me to have in an area I don't know, my father in law doesn't hunt much, and I will be leaving all my hunting friends and family behind. I will be living near Paris, AK, so not far from the Ozark forest. My wife will be working in Ft. Smith. So that is our general location.

I love anything hunting and fishing, waterfowl, boating, I even spearfish and have freediving/spearfishing gear for multiple people. Any interest just send me a private message. Also posted in the Long range hunting section of the forum as well.

Take care.

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