Any recommendations for training shoes?

I use Hoka as well. Love them. I am going to give a pair of Altras a go this summer.
Altra Lone Pine hikers have worked well but my problem is one leg is half inch shorter after two knee replacements. I went back to New Balance 928V3 yesterday. They have more cushion on the bottom. Feet felt better but I have to lighten my backpack load. I'm 67 and feeling it.
In my experience it really depends on your foot shape (narrow / wide, higher or lower arch etc).

I successfully completed the Leadville 100 in a pair of Altra's (Lone Peak's to be specific) and really love them. I have a wider foot though and that roomy tow box agrees with me.

Also, I highly recommend you check out Superfeet insoles. They make different heights by color so find what works best for you.

Happy to field any other questions you may have.

You're spot on! Thanks! I too use Altra LP hikers with green Superfeet. My feet do not like soft insoles
Altras Lone Peaks for longer runs

Reebok Powerlift for weight /powerlift training

Xeros or Splays for general cross training

I switched to zero drop and minimal shoes due to some knee and back discomfort. I feel an improvement and it doesn’t take long to soften your foot strike. If you try minimal shoes you may be surprised how hard you hit the ground. Turns out I clopped around like a Clydesdale.
It's what I call foot slap.
With wide feet, I can’t use Hoka’s. I really had high hopes for the Speedgoat 5, but just too narrow. Altra’s have an awesome toe box, but the zero drop was a bit much. I found my sweet spot in the Topos. I use the TrailVenture WP for hiking, the UltraVenture for trail running and the Ultrafly 4 for road/ flat trail. I get along well with the 5mm drop.

I also use a pair of La Sportiva TX4 approach shoes for more technical hiking.