Any Michigan Ground hog hunters



Anyone looking to help out a first time varminter...

Any places in michigan to go to try this awesome sport?

Crow mAg

I live in Sterling heights. It's in Macomb county. What can you suggest

Rbrowning is on the right track drive around and look for fresh cut hay fields then ask for permeation to hunt hogs most farmers will let you shoot hogs on there property. After the beans are cut you will have more property to hunt.
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Thanks guys

Another silly question...Is there a season...What are the dates. Being new I have no clue. Also...Can I use my 22-250 in these areas you talk about. I know with like deer hunting..Ya have to go up north to use high power etc.

Thanks again

Dont think there is a season on hogs. I think you need a small game license and you can use a rifle for varmints.
This time of year you are pretty much in hay fields. Get out of the Metro area and look for hay fields that have hills for backstops and not a lot of houses around them. You have some good rolling terrain up towards the Rochester area. Also look for creeks or ditches that run along or through soy bean fields. Chucks absolutely love beans. The best shooting is a little earlier when the beans are 1-3" tall and you can still see them as they devour the plants.

Good luck
I live in the Clarston/Ortonville area and theres a farmer 2 miles down from me that lets me shoot hogs and coyotes with my 22-250. I use my Yamaha Grizzly as a rest and shoot from the lane that divides his fields.

The only time you can't use a rifle in southern MI is during firearm deer season.

I second what was said ealier. Most farmers will let you shoot hogs on there property. Yes rifles are allowed for varmints in southern Michigan.

You could come over but it will have to be in a couple weeks I am shooting the 1000 yard IBS nationals in Ohio this weekend and then Iowa 1000 yard match the weekend after. Or we could look for some in the week if that works for you I would be up for that.
Crow Mag
Crow Mag

That would be awesome. A few weeks from now is perfect. This week is the early goose opener so I'll be doing that. This weekend I'm booked up with the wife
Next weekend I have a wedding. Any other time I'm free. During the week only works if after 5:00 pm Not sure how far ya are from me.
drop an email and we can go from there [email protected] Drop the XX to mail. Getting lots of spam lately
Let me know...Good luck at the match


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Michigan chucks.

Yup! all you need to do is talk to the farmers. look for farms with barns that have fallen..they are all over the place. last summer I had a shooting bench, I would set up and I was in hog heaven. 6 lactating females about 10lbs 4 BIG males and 7 pups. if you have one woulded and run into the hole they will stink up the hole and the chucks will come out another hole or they will start digging another. once you get established with a farmer they will expect you in the spring and if you are a good boy,, they will fill land owner tags for you.thats for deer son. I have 4 farms I hunt and this year I had no space for the deer in my freezer, I had to call family.
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