Any Long Ranges In UTAH


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Apr 15, 2008
I come to Utah once a year for the Bonneville Salt Flats Speed Week.
Are there any long ranges in Utah or open country to shoot 1000yd or beyond?
at the payson dump there is a measured one mile shot!!!


this pic is taken from were the old shotup car is. at the top of the mountain(to the north) to the center left there is a small stand of junipers to the bottom right you will see a white spot. that is a 4' "x" from here it is 1400 yrds on the dot. if you drive down to the dike "the road that goes through the small canyon to the west" take that road drive a couple hundred yard till you are in the junipers to your right you will see a pullout with another white "x" ( if there is no snow) this is one mile on the spot. figure for .97 miles with the angle you'll be shooting at (measured with a total station)
also if you look 2 canyons to the left you will see a single juniper. just down and to the left there will be an 18" rock (cant see it in the pic) if you scope it you can tell its been shot up (about a 6" pattern in the middle of it) this rock is 1220
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I used to go out to Skull Valley near Dugway. There is a rock formation (Lone Rock)about a mile after you get off the interstate off on the west side of the road. Shot there many days. You may see some deranged sheep or cows that have been gassed by the chemical agents at released every so often from Dugway so if you ricochet a bullet into one don't eat it.

There are places also beyond Promontory out near Locomotive Springs
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