Any ideas for reloads for my Savage F-TR 308


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Dec 5, 2009
floyd, virginia
Hello everyone
Im a new member to LRH, I have a savage F-TR 308(a really sweet rifle) I interested if anyone has any favorite load data that would be a good starting point for me. I have on hand sierra 155 palma match,168 and175 match that i would like to try. I also have a vast supply of LC brass(would this be a good choice). Any information you could share would be appreciated.
Thanks Jerry
42. to 46. grains of Varget with 155-185 Bergers.I shoot a Savage Target Action, 32", 1:12, 5C, Broughton. 46.grains of Varget pushes a 155 Berger fast enought to shoot 1000 yards. I prefer 185 Bergers at 1000 yards.Nat Lambeth
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