Any Hound Hunters out there

I have a kennel full of potlickers. Treeing Walker, Trigg and crosses of the two. Most of my Walker bloodlines go back to Nance breeding via Marasok of Sheridan, Wyoming. My Trigg bloodlines are the Sawmill Run lines bred by Cecil Boggs of Virginia.

Most of them are bred fro cats, bobcat and mountain lion, but I did bring back a finished Trigg bear hound from my recent trip to Wisconsin. As soon as elk and deer season winds up I will be in the hills chasing cats. We went out yesterday scouting some new country across government land. The roads will get me back in there pretty far, but I hit private ground and "Posted" signs before I can reach the far end of the BLM. That is no problem though, because I can get around on horses without ever having to trespass on the private.

Awesome.. Hound hunting is a dying art...Not many people in my area run dogs anymore...Very few coon hunters....A lot more guys running Coyote with dogs around here than coon hunters....I just have a 1 Year old Blue Tick who is doing very well.. I would love to do a Lion hunt sometime.. Thanks for the reply
When I was stationed in Missouri I would go hog hunting with an older gentleman who had three walker coon hounds and a catch dog (Pit/Hound mix). It was the most exciting hunting I have ever done. Most of the time the dogs would kill the pig before would could get to them. Even if we didn't kill any hogs, it was a blast just watching the dogs work. It was also a great workout. Probably did 6-7 miles a hunt.
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