any difference in fps


Nov 2, 2009
I was shooting 178-amaxs in my 308 win with 45 grains of varget I was getting 2740 fps, I have switched to 175 smk and using the same load. I won't get a chance to chrono them for a while, are these traveling the same speed or how much gain do you think I am getting.

They hit 1'' high at a hundred and about 3'' high at 500 when I use my drop chart for the 178's.

P.S The 175's are shooting .25'' three shot groups at 100 yards,,center to center. I switched because they will fit in the mag and the a-maxs had to be loaded longer to get good accuracy. thanks-for the help.
2740 fps sounds a little bit high to me but, maybe you have a fast barrel or something else. With the 175 smk's I get about 20 fps over the 178's.
I checked 10 rounds thru the chrono before season and 2740 was the average with only a 9fps difference.The gun is a rem 700 with a 26 inch tube it is the tactical 700 xcr, so far I am amazed with the gun it shoots way better than I ever thought it would. I will try to get the 175s chrono'ed next month, just thought someone would have an idea for me on fps gain. thanks
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