Any carnivore diet backpack hunters out there?


Jul 21, 2015
Alberta, Canada
Hey out there,

So back story, I have had gut and health issues for some time and have tried nearly everyone of those millennial fads out there hoping to solve the issue (glutefree, lactos free, dare I say it Vegan, vegetarian). I did however keep feeling better in the summer when all I would do is BBQ meat, and eat salad (sometimes) and my problems would not be so present.
This worked great for a bit, as it would get me cleared for the freezedried feasts come hunting season where I would think it was just the suck of the mountain that caused issues.

Anyway just before my last trip I started to have real issues that didn't really fade away as the normally do. On a flight I watched a documentary where they were big proponents of the keto, and then carnivore diet. Figured why not, and well it seems the full carnivore diet works.

I am into my full first month and 98% of my issues are gone. I do plan to run the standard 3 months, and slowly bring things back. Looking at booking a docs appointment and slapping the food journal and see.

So the long and short is, if I stay on this track are there any other carnivore diet hunters out there, and besides pemican and jerky (how do you deal with the lack of fat in jerky?), what do you take on those 9-10 day backcountry hunts?

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