Any 35 Cal fans out there?


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Dec 11, 2007
Yes, but it’s a great eastern backwoods rifle for Blackbear and Moose. My father hammered a Bull Moose with it with at 35 yards with a Barnes tipped Triple Shock X 200 Grain bullet. Piled up after about 5 seconds. It’s a shoulder beater for sure and not fun sighting in. But it’s a game stopper for sure also and in the heat of the moment you don’t even feel it. 35 caliber Pellet it spits out is impressive for sure. Picture below next to a bolt just for size comparison.

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If your shooting a rifle with a short mag box like my 600 Barnes makes a 200 gr tsx that is shorter. Takes up less powder space because you dont have to seat the bullet as deep to fit the magazine. Works well on game.

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