any 1 have G7 BC data for 6mm hornady?

found this on JBMs page JBM - Calculations - Drag Function Conversion


Drag Function Conversion
Input Data
Ballistic Coefficient: 0.492 G1 Caliber: 0.243 in
Bullet Weight: 105.0 gr
Velocity: 3000.0 New Drag Function: G7
Output Data
Speed of Sound: 1116.4 ft/s Mach Number: 2.687
CD of Standard G1 Bullet: 0.527 CD of Standard G7 Bullet: 0.259
Form Factor of G1 Bullet: 0.516 Form Factor of G7 Bullet: 1.049
New Ballistic Coefficient: 0.242 G7 Sectional Density: 0.254 lb/in²
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