Anti-Bullet charm??? Check this out ;)

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    Anti-bullet charm no match for the real thing

    December 17 2003 at 12:33PM

    Lagos - A traditional doctor in central Nigeria was shot dead by a patient who was testing the potency of an anti-bullet charm the herbalist had prepared for him, police told reporters on Wednesday.

    Ashi Terfa died when patient Umaa Akor fired a gun at his head two weeks ago in south-central Benue state, police spokesperson Bode Fakeye said.

    "Akor went for an insurance against bullets and contacted Terfa to prepare it for him," he said.

    "To confirm its efficacy, the herbalist tied the charm around his neck and insisted that Akor should fire a gun at him. The experiment proved fatal for the herbalist and his skull was shattered," he added. "He died immediately".

    Fakeye said the suspect had appeared in court for culpable homicide, but had been released on bail.

    "The motive to kill could not be established against the suspect since the herbalist asked him to shoot to test the charm," he added.

    The belief in withcraft and charms is rife in Africa. - Sapa-AFP
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    Apr 18, 2003
    See this is the ideal case for animal experimentation first!!!!!!