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    Feb 2, 2008
    My oldest son, his best buddy, and myself drew Unit 93-1 rifle tags. This is the first antelope tag for each of us, though I have a younger boy who has killed 3 in Idaho, so I am not too green. We are heading up Oct 11th-14th in search of respectable antelope to tag.

    I have been planning on looking at some of the ground in the NE corner of the unit, to the East of Miller Mtn. Thought is to try and see if we can get to know that country and visit it every other year or three for some combo of deer/elk/antelope. I have two younger boys to with some points.

    So is this an OK idea, or am I better hunting farther south in more "goat" like country and then head NE to scout out the deer/elk opportunites? I think anything over 13" with decent cutters and shape will be potential targets, though I think the first AM or maybe day we would glass a bunch to see what we are finding and maybe set sights higher if warranted.

    Anyway, I heard it's a good unit, though it has had some winter kill issues a few years past 20 2-3 year old goats may be in short supply.

    Any feedback/advice would be appreciated and PM's are great. Happy to help on some info for Central Idaho, Unit 73 Idaho, and even N Idaho whitetails if you find that useful.
    Regards, Brian