Antelope adventure with my kid nephew


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Oct 30, 2018
East Coast USA
I am so grateful that I was able to take my 19 yo nephew (Curtis) on his first trip out west and his first western hunt. We spent the first few days visiting some dear friends in Laramie and driving around Medicine Bow so he could experience real mountains and not these hills we have back east. The kid fell in love with Wyoming and the vastness of the land and wilderness. To the point I do believe he is going to apply to transfer to the Univ of Wyoming after his freshman year of college is up this coming spring Hoping he follows through as it will give me even more reason to visit and or move out there!

After visiting Laramie, we headed up to Gillette and met another dear friend and our outfitter for our antelope hunt. Curtis was pretty excited, and I don't think he slept much the night before. The morning of our hunt it was pretty dang cold and windy. Gillette had a heavy snow a few days before we arrived and when scouting the day before our hunt, the antelope were all hearded up. We headed out that morning and stopped on some public ground. We found a large group of antelope, and tried to get Curtis on a doe since the bucks were all very small. It was a good learning experience for the lad, he struggle a little getting into the proper shooting position prone even though we practiced it a ton at the range before our hunt. We then checked a few more properties and ended up finding a few antelope laying on a green spot of grass on a ridge. There were a group of does and 1 decent buck. We found a pile of snow the ended up being the best shooting position at 300 yards from where they were bedded. The buck was facing us and all you could see is his head. So, the waiting game ensued. Curtis posted-up on that snow bank for the better part of an hour, taking little breaks just waiting for the buck to stand. One-by-one, the does would stand and take 3 steps and then go out of sight on the other side of the ridge. I told Curtis that when that buck stood, he would only have moments to make a good shot. Well, that last doe stood and went over the ridge and as soon as she disappeared from sight, the buck decided he was following his ladies and stood up. He took one step and gave the lad a nice quartering away shot and Curtis made a well placed shot, through the liver and into the lungs. The 140 grain Berger did the trick.

The picture story attached and his smile say it all. I love this kid so much and was super proud of him. Looking forward to our next adventure together.

Rifle: Tikka 270 WSM. B&C Stock. APA muzzle brake. Atlas bipod. Bushnell Elite Tactical 3.5-21x50. Mildot
Load: Nosler Brass. CCI 250 primer. 65.5gr RL 26. 140gr Berger Hybrid seated .030 off the lands. 3030 fps.


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