Antelope #1 and 2 2011

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    Nov 15, 2009
    September 10, 2011
    Filled one of my doe antelope tags today with the 243 SRC and 105gr A-max at about 3375fps. I made several spot and stalks that would have been successful but I dont feel right about taking a doe that has a fawn with it. After about 5 stalks I finally found a dry doe. I had every intention of using my 30 herrett contender for close range shots but I left it in the truck for this stalk :rolleyes: I ended up shooting this one at 97 yards well with in my comfort zone for the 30 herrett.
    105gr A-Max at 3375fps makes an amazing mess of an antelopes chest cavity. The bullet went in across the top of the heart, destroying the ventricles and blowing a fist size hole on the off side of the ribs/shoulder, she ran all of 30 yards and did a face plant, she was running dead. Meat is in a cooler full of ice, backstraps are cut up and ready for dinner. The wife says we need breakfast sausage and brats so when I get the other antelope on the ground Im going to drop off all the meat at the meat processor that is just around the corner from my house.

    September 19, 2011
    Filled my second antelope tag today with one of my 6.8SPC AR15's, I just put this upper together last week and got it sighted in the next day.
    I had spotted a group of goats from the road so I parked my truck in the ditch about 1/2 mile and out of sight from the group....they are already to the point if they see a truck stop they are running for the next county. I made my sneak down a wash and up a little rise and ended up about 75 yards from the group, which was 4 does and one 16" buck, had I of had a buck tag I would have shot that one he was that nice.
    The wind wasnt in my favor but they didnt see me low crawl into position for the shot, the does knew something was up but couldnt figure out what it was, they decieded to run but the buck that was with them rounded them up and stopped them after just 75 yards, now the does are 150 yards out and the lead doe had seen me spin around to get into a better position. She was eyeballing me pretty hard but couldnt figure out what I was. The shot was head on and not wanting to ruin the little meat you get off these I laid the crosshairs of my 10x between her eyes and touched off the trigger resulting in a very dead goat. The 110gr went just left of center and came out the back of her head....lasered at 148 yards.

    She just so happened to be about 100 yards from another trail off the road so I pretty much drove right up to her without off roading to much. Got her hung up on my reciever hitch game pole, skinned, gutted, deboned, meat in the cooler full of ice, back on the road heading home about an hour after I took the safety off the rifle.