Antelop scouting trip


Feb 22, 2009
I know the wy antelop season has started but my group isn't going out for another 2 weeks. So, I went scouting around today. I've never hunt wy antelop before and don't know any land owners. So, my question is how do you hunt the public/private checkered board land. Every goat I saw today seemed to be on private land. I need to get some better maps so I'll know exactly where I'm at. Any suggestion on good maps? A few roads that I wanted to go on to get to some blm land had "no trespassing" signs at the entrance of the road. Can I drive the road to the BLM land even though the entrance is on private land??

Here in ND we have county atlas's that give you the private and public land descriptions. Who owns it with address and telephone number. As far as a private road I do believe you don't have access.

I planned starting some out of state hunts next year, but as I researched it a foul taste developed. I guess they didn't want my money. Funny how people who provide a service can survive when they are so inconsiderate.

Here's a couple ways skin this cat
#1 Get a Delorme atlas of WY. If you have the old version the new one is worth investing in!
#2 BLM maps are sold by the BLM offices and many sporting good stores...Get the areas you will be hunting in.
#3 Have a GPS and know where you are at at all times!!!!!!!!!!
#4 Check with the WY G&F for HMA areas in the area you want to hunt. The permits make it a LOT easier in some areas.
#5 Check with local ranchers to see what, if and how much they charge for trespass fee's.
#6 checkerboard areas are very diffecult to hunt without landowners permission as corner jumping is frowned upon.
#7 County roads are drivable but even stopping when in privet boundries is asking for a hassel.
#7 A sign marking the road privet is only a sign but this is a very grey area thats best left alone unless you KNOW otherwise. The law favors the landowner and even without a sign you can find yourself in more trouble than its worth!
I could add a few more depending on where your hunting.....
Sadley, you can not legaly cross private land to access BLM. There has been many a ticket written over this. Get some good up to date maps and know where you're at at all times.
I will get a BLM map and a Delorme Atlas. I'm not familiar with HMA's. Nor am familiar with trespass fees. How do those progams work.

We're hunting unit 48, so if anyone knows anything about the area, I'd appreciate the help. And if your near Rawlins, I'll buy you a beer.

I have never hunted closer to Rawlins, but I have hunted south of Pathfinder Reservoir before. It is good open country, and there should be good access to BLM around there. The closer you get to Seminoe, the rougher the country is. It gets really rough, as in there are Bighorn sheep around Seminoe. I have always accessed the area through Casper, so I don't know what the roads are like coming in from Rawlins. Good luck to you and your crew. Post your results.
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