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Jul 10, 2015
Snyder, Texas
Hi I'm Mike and I like rifles. :D
(I like pistols and shotguns too, but not so much for longer ranges.)

I've been researching calibers and I keep finding links to discussions here. So I figured I might as well join.

I keep having crazy ideas about wildcats. Looks like a lot of such talk goes on here.
First I simply wanted something that hits a little harder than a .300 WinMag but shoots a little flatter than a .338 WinMag. Decided the .325 WSM wouldn't hold enough powder to push heavier bullets fast enough to see any real gain over a .300. Necking a .338 WM down to .323" doesn't look like it'll gain me much more. So I started leaning toward an 8mm Rem Mag, but they're scarce. Then I started thinking that if I necked a 375 Ruger down to .323" I could duplicate the 8mmRM performance but in a standard-length action. All this started because I decided I need something for situations where my 25-06 Rem might seem a little light.

Going off in an entirely different direction a few days later, I started reading about 6.5mm cartridges of all sorts. Thinking of building one or maybe re-barreling my 25-06. (Not that there's anything wrong with my 25-06. I need to go shoot the hell out of it so I don't feel guilty down the road about replacing a good barrel. :cool: )

Either or both of those ideas may have threads dedicated to them as I start getting my head wrapped around what I want and I have more specific questions.
But WTH is a 6.5 Sherman or 6.5 Sherman Short Mag? elkaholic? Some variation on a 6.5-06 improved, but not Ackley Improved and something involving a RSAUM? That's as far as my search-fu has taken me so far. They sound interesting.

BTW, I've lived most of my life in the wide open spaces of West Texas where cover is sparse and the land is usually flat as a table. Longer shots are more the norm than an exception.


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Jul 14, 2008
hello Mike, welcome to LRH. If you are looking for info on big Wildcats you will find them here. Have you looked at the Savage .338 Lapua FCP? gun) Check this site for rifles that are for sale, something may strike your fancy.

Don Dunlap