another good saturday


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Sep 21, 2007
central kentucky
met up with my hunting buddy chuck saturday morning, only for him to hand me the CS-24, give a quick operator lesson & send me on my way solo. I head to the spot we had picked out for the mornings hunt, only for the wind to NOT be doing what the weather channel said it was. this farm takes up both sides of the road & luckily the other side was perfect for winds coming out of the north. so I head back get over there & set up. I killed one here about a month ago with the kitty cat cries, so I decided to stay away from the typical distress sounds. I start off with a couple of greeting howls, wait a few minutes then went into the bawling calf. let that run for about 3 minutes, then shut it off, calling in all the neighbors cattle to the fence in the process.after about 10 minutes with nothing in sight I switch over to coyote distress thats got some barks mixed in there then switching to a more intense canine distress. I played these two for about 5-7 seven minutes,switching from one to the other with out pausing. Then out of no where all the cattle hightail it in a hurry away from the fence. about a minute later one of them gives me some barks & yips back. immediately I thought the gig was up, I'm busted, although I knew they couldn't wind me. about that time I see these guys coming up the fence in a hurry, looking for the souce of the ruckus. about the time they get clear for me to shoot, the front one gets in behind a shrub not offering any shot, so I wait for the back one to stop, put one in him& he starts doing the spin dance & before I could blink I had chambered another & sent it to him, putting him down for good. I grab the remote & hit a howl by mistake, only to look up & see what I thought was the first dog back on his feet. I settle the crosshairs in a hurry, squeezed & BANG FLOP!!! I get up take a walk over there & find both of them laying there, not 20ft. apart. Needless to say it was a great morning considering I had to miss the opener for deer gun season, due to the fact that my first child, a baby girl, could be born any moment:D:D the good lord sure made it up to me though!!!!!
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