Another Flux Capasitor barn find

electroshock gizmo from the 50's

Actually my brother had great delight at charging up ignition capacitors then throwing them to me and of course one would have to catch what was thrown to you. PAYBACKS were hell...a Ford Model A magneto attached via a small wire and alligator clip to a wrench he was reaching for and a quick twist when he grabbed it. No, I was not a gullible sister and paybacks were always spectacular. Things back in the 50's were fun. These daze you would get charged with assault and end up in jail. :mad:
When i raised beef in Wisconsin I had two fenders one just like the one shown with a blinking green light and a,weed burner. Both were nasty and my steers didn't like,them.
On an antelope trip to wyoming near Shoshone I got a hold of an electric fence on BLM land that a high line had fell on during storms the day previous. I ended up with a detached retina that left me seeing flashes in my perifral vision for weeks. I shot a 78 inch like the next day.