Another 300WM Load...

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    Got hint from a local F-class guy.... so I tired it, he never told what charge weight just what powder....

    H4831 ( Reg. not SC )

    68.5 grs 4831, Win Brass, WLRM Primer, 220 SMK about 2750 fps....

    this is a 6 shot group with 2 fowlers... the folwlers are at 10:30...

    I fired a fowler then 3 shots... CLEANED fired a fowler then 3 shots.... the 2 groups of 3 went on top of each other.... as always this is from a bi-pod...

    THANK YOU... Chris Matthews ( LSR ) 2 BR loads for my tactical 300WM...

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    Nov 25, 2004
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    Take a look over in the handloading forum at my ladder test thread. My load is 68.8gr of h4831sc under a 220SMK in federal brass lit by a federal 215M.
    Whats the range on that group?
    The pics in the thread mentioned above are .636, and .437 @300yds. 2741fps with an es of 14.
    I wish I knew who it was who first said H4831 was the best burn rate for 300WM.
    Id like to shake his hand.