Announcing the New Hammer HHT

Ok- constructive criticism for Steve.

I got my order today, 1 copper tipping jig, 50 bullets and 51 plastic tips BUT beware my fat fingered friends, these things are tiny-- I dropped several and lost 1
Dump them into a cloth. Microfiber cheapy on the bench.
Steve- my suggestion is you send 5 or so extra tips rather than just 1 extra--- this would cover 2 problems I ran into-- 1st was dropping/loosing the tiny tips on the floor and 2nd is "deformed tips" (I'll explain in a minute)
I got 5 extra each per bag of 100ct box.
For the consumer, my suggestions are
#1-- use a plastic hammer to install the tips--- I tapped lightly on the bullet base to seat the tip and on bullet number 11 I realized I was slightly marking the base when using a small ball peen hammer, I switched to a plastic hammer and I no longer saw any marking.....
Me too
#2-- put a large white terrycloth towel on the floor so when you drop the tiny black plastic tip , it won't bounce away and you'll be able to see the black tip on the white towel-- the tips do not show up on black rubber floor mats or darker wood floors at all.
Reference my microfiber cloth advice on the bench.
I realize that small imperfections in the tips will exist as I'm assuming the tips are cast with liquid that hardens and occasionally they may deform when drying--- I received 51 tips, I lost 1, but 3 others had imperfections on them--- if there were 55 tips this would allow for the occasional culling of deformed tips and a few extra for lost tips....just my suggestion

I've included some pics of the contents, and deformed tips too.

The deformed tips may not affect accuracy, performance, or bc (no way to know with out proper testing)---- but when the customer has to handle each tip individually to install-- then scrutinizing of tips is inevitable--- the hammer bullets are so perfect that a slightly deformed tip becomes obvious to the eye when spun (it was hard to get pics of the tips so I did the best I could)

It will take me a while to get to the range but the above are my initial observations and constructive criticism.

Other than that, they look great and I'm eager to try them out-- thanks again. View attachment 468047View attachment 468048View attachment 468051View attachment 468052
OH. I thought I was somehow putting those dents in the tips when hammering. I didn't think to check them previous to hammering them in...
I thought the same thing, by whacking too hard. I didn't see any dents prior to seating.
I seemed not to have those dents when I was gentle with the taps on the tips. It could have been coincidence though. I'd need to inspect the next baggy of tips prior to install.
Yep. I had 6 deformed tips and they were like that before they were installed. Guess I’ll use them while sighting in my rifle.
Yep. I had 6 deformed tips and they were like that before they were installed. Guess I’ll use them while sighting in my rifle. View attachment 468095
Ok, good to know. For once I wasn't screwing things up! LOL

I had 10 in 105 tips look like that. I set them aside for initial load development of velocity/pressure.
Yes, definitely dented before install

Fyi-- these were the 145 7mm--- in both my 7rm and 7wsm--- the measurement to lands came out as the 145's being .03" longer than the 143 hh ( for those wondering about loaded length/mag length etc.)

I noticed the boat tail and "wave design" seem to be different on the 140 ahh, 143hh, and 145 hht -- see comparison pic
So, tested the 145 hht today in my 7rm

Used the exact same powder and jump as my 143hh load and it works, looks like it's a winner.

The HH's print a consistant .68moa (best ever was .285 moa) at 3225fps

The 145 hht's look to be darn near the same group size (only tested 4 shots @100y to get an idea)

Speed on this bullet is slightly more at 3275fps -- and with the extra bc it will be slightly better than the hh at distance

For a round number at 1000y--- punching numbers into a bal program: the hht shows to hold about 100fps more, have about 150 ft lbs more, drop about 1.4moa less, and drift about .6 moa less in a 10 mph wind

Not a huge difference, but definitely a little bit more as long as the bc holds to be true.

I'll load up more for more testing at longer distances-- but I used my exact same load as I do with the hh bullets ( and used the same jump)--- and they were spot on for me
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