I have two sets of military bigeye glasses that once the tripod is set level by the built in bubble, it will give you the angles verticly and horizontal.

You were looking into a Russian laser at my place 2 or 3 weeks ago that will do the same thing.

Secret #2 for the day.

Anther good reason to have a Russian Laser, don't you think????



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Yes, I'm getting it, and loving it. Man, I wish I'd of known about this site sooner. Great place! Hey Darryl you don't have a photo of one of those Russian laser's you could post do you?
The best tool I have tried and still use is the Cosine Indicator.

It attaches to the tube of your scope and you read the cosine of the incline angle to the target without having to move your eye away from the scope. You then multiply the cosine, which is a decimal, times the straight-line distance to get the effective distance for figuring drop. Very, very simple.

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For anybody that wants a cheap way of determining angles you can glue a straw as a crud sighting device on to the top of a protracter.Put a string with a weight at the bottem,so you can read the number.Of course you need another person,but your suposed to have spotter anyways,RIGHT.

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