angle indicators

Skandlus, Have you considered this style you can take a look at it at it only costs $70.00 you get the anti cant level it also reads in both cosine and angle and it comes complete with one mount I had consoidered the ACI from sniper tools but this way you can save some $$$
Just thoght I'de share this with you good luck either way.

which one do I need to get? the angle cosine indicator Angle Cosine Indicator ~ Cosine : SniperTools or the angle degree indicator Angle Degree Indicator ~ ADI : SniperTools and why?

Might take a look at the one NightForce sells. Same manufacturer, just 'beefed' up a bit and waterproofed to make it mil-spec for NF. A bit more $ due to these mods, but some have had issues with the other units getting water in them, etc. Just something to think about. It usually comes with a mount to fit on a pic or weaver rail. Can usually find a good deal on the web for it somewhere with enough looking.

NFADI Nightforce Angle Degree Indicator, Calibrated in Degrees, Requires Mount for Single Piece Picatinny Rail Mounting $110--pretty good price here for the combined NF unit. That might be less than I paid, doggonit! :D Type 'Nightforce Angle Degree Indicator' into Google Shopping and check out the options.
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