An addiction that I may lose control of soon....


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Dec 20, 2003
Springfield, VA
Hello everyone, I have been someone that always loved shooting things as far as I can see them, I have never shot at anything living over 250 yards, but sure would love to. I have pretty much kept my obsession in check the last few years, I only have a 270 and a 338 winchesters (both light carry rifles) And I just talked with my gunsmith last year, about posibly in near future building a long range rifle. I was thinking of one of his big magnums, but then he tries to talk me into this durned little 6.5x284. And I walked out of there thinking he lost his marbles.....

Well about a month ago I found this sight, now I want a 6.5x284 a 338 tomahawk, a 6mm something, a 300wsm AHHHHHHHH, dang this website I am not sure if I can control myself......
Abandon hope, all ye who enter.

i have a 338 RUM based on a 700 action. had the work done at they had it done in no time after the barrels came is a switch barrel is super accurate and still light enought to carry but not all day up hill maybe 12 to 15 pounds.i can shoot groups under 6 inches at 785 yards shooting it off of the roof of my car no sandbags.just a pack for support.i have not tried it at longer ranges yet the wind is still kicking around here has a 28.5 inch barrel and the most accuate load will shoot under .25 at 117 with a 250 sbt at 3100 may be a little faster was 40 degrees when i checked it thanks,keith
Been there done that

Started with a 300 wsm for elk...Now have several other rifles thanks to this site....And I'm still married too

Ya gotta love it

You can start out easier on the wallet, not to mention the wife, by remodeling one you already have first. I started with a Ruger 7mm mag that was bedded and had the action trued. That rifle shot consistently half-inch, and frequently in the .4's. Consider sending one in to someone like Pac-Nor, or a gunsmith of your choice for a match barrel, action trueing, trigger job, and bedding, and you may have a suitably accurate rifle for well under 1K. After that, you will be thoroughly lost, and simply will not be able to live without several very specialized and extremely accurate rifles for which you will invent ingeneious reasons for "needing". Let the fun begin!
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