ammo ?


Jan 28, 2012
Today i went to the range with my 300 win mag to try some ammo out. I took fusion 165gr,hornady custom 165, barnes vor-tx 165, and federal blue box 180. I could only shoot 100yds at this range and the fusion, and hornady hit very close to eachother and the blue box was about 1" lower. Heres the barnes hitting 3" higher than the other 165's, has anyone else had this happen? This was shocking as i hoped the 165's would all be close. Could it be more, or better powder?
It could be a hotter load, but I doubt 3" hotter at 100 yds. More likely the bullet/velocity combo just shoots different in your gun. For instance, I handload 22-250: 50gr SBKs and 50gr NBTs shoot very similar. 50gr Vmaxs are over 1" different at 100yds. Just how that gun digests different pills.

That being said - you did the smartest thing possible - shot all three and learned the differences between them. Better to learn on the range than in the field!
Thanks for the reply, yes very glad i shot everything, i'm love to hunt archery and never use anything un tested on animals. This is typical for broadheads of the same weight but different design to fly to a different poi.
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