Ammo and Components Hard to Get.. I Know Why

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by GNERGY, Mar 28, 2010.

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    I went to the range on saturday to find a good load for my 308 and sight in a scope on my 25-06.
    The place was PACKED. Rio Salado Sportsmans club. It has covered shooting with more than 30 benches from 25 yds to 300 yds.
    Some kids ( young adults ) next to me had a 9mm pistol and some kind of 9mm semi auto carbine. They had 2 250 round boxes of 9mm and a bunch of 22 ammo they went thru in no time. It's good to see the next generations carrying on the second amendment.
    There was a 3 gun competition going on over in another part of the facility, and a lot of competitors were coming over to this range and making sure their weapons were functioning properly. You must get free ammo when you wear one of those multicolored sponsor shirts cause every guy or gal that tested their AR shot 2 30 round clips as fast as they could and cased their gun and left. I picked up their empties, of course. :D
    The 2 gentlemen shooting on the bench to my right just bought a shotgun and a Savage 7mm mag and were sighting them in. He didn't like the 7mm kicking him all around so I told him about getting a muzzle brake installed and about this site for all sorts of good info.
    The place is well run and really safety oriented and enforced.
    I was glad to see all these fellow shooters.
    It was a good day at the range.:)
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    Dec 23, 2009
    Any day is a good day when you get to burn powder and fling lead:D