Am I the only one with this problem


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Mar 13, 2010
Torrington Wy
Up until recently my hunting rifles have been ruger 77 mkIIs with the three position safety. I now have a cooper with the 2 position safety and the bolt opens on me while I am hunting. Any advise on this problem?
never had that problem myself. None of my guns have a 3 poss safety. I just have developed a habbit of reaching back every so often and pushing it back down every once in a while. More often if I'm in rough terrain or brush. I also give a check as soon as I unshoulder it.
I don't know the Cooper action at all, so it might not work, but I've had Remingtons, and Mausers converted to 3 position safeties. Gentry might have something.
Another smith, (Lapour) list three position safeties for the Sako Vixen. He states with the variations in Sako it's best to send it in. It depends on how big the problem is to the individual, it's fairly expensive, and my experience has been the fitting needs a better than average smith to install correctly.
That's why I like the 77 Mk ll. One of the reasons anyway. I've been using them since they came out. Well since 93 anyway. I can honestly say I have never had the safety come even part way off full safe or the bolt handle move during thousands of days of having one with me in the truck, ATV, boat, loader, slung, or in my hands.
The Mark X action on my 9.3×64 with a 2 position safety is very different however. I have to check it often same with my Savage. I need to have a 3 position put on my 9.3 but it still won't be as good as the Ruger.
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Call Cooper. I have never had this issue with my Cooper. The Cooper people are real easy to talk with. Please report back.
I need to have a 3 position put on my 9.3 but it still won't be as good as the Ruger.

I've used, and been around Rugers, Pre-64 Model 70's, Gentry, and another after market from a long time ago I can't recall the name. All work very well properly installed. The only trouble I had was the older one binding until i got it to someone who understood they aren't drop in, and was competent to do the fitting.
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