am i on the right track


Dec 18, 2007
i have been visiting this sight for quite a while now and was in the process of building my first long range hunting rifle . wanted to know if i was going in the right direction or not. the gun i want to build is a 7wsm. that would be mainly used on deer but may also see an elk or two. i was going to build it on a savage action . my one question would be can i purchase a regular long action 7mm and use it as a 7wsm? would also like to know what size of leads to shoot out of it. any input is welcome. thank you.
Yes you can use a long action for your build as long as it is a MAGNUM action. And as for "Leads" you mean bullets, you have a ton of options. I see alot of guys shooting the 168 bergers for their high BC and effectivness on game. Nosler Accubonds are great too. Do you have an Idea on which barrel you are going to use? Optics? Stock? Good luck.

The purpose of the short mag is you can get some fair velocity with a lightweight short action. If you have the heavier long action anyway why in the world would you not take advantage of 200-300 fps more velocity with a 7mm wby or a STW. They can push the heavier bullets a lot faster for long range.
i was going to go with a super sniper20x scope and i really like the mcmillan stocks so that is what i will probably go with.
you might want to talk with nate dagley. he has built several 7wsm's including one for myself. It is a shooter and he can point you in the right direction along with answer some of the problems that come with feeding the wsm case.

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