Am I on the right path? 7mm build.

Good choice!! I'm doing a 7 saum right now on a Defiance anTiX long action .220 FB, Bartlein #3, 8 twst, 22" finish. Hawkins hunter dbm with spacer kit and a Manners MCS-PH. I'm chomping at the bit to get it done.
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I keep coming back to the 7mm SAUM. I know brass can be hard to find at times. But so is brass for many of my other rifles and when it’s available I try to buy 300-500 pieces at a time. Thoughts?
I have 5 20 ct boxes of Remington 160 gr Partitions…….for sale should you be interested.
You don’t think 2950 is attainable with 168s or that 2900 can be had with 175-180s? I don’t really care if I can’t hit 2900 with 180s I definitely think 2850-2875 is very realistic. I will take the SAUM’s inherit accuracy over 50-75fps.
It is my belief that 2950 with 168s and 2850-2875 with 180s is not a given. Your operating at the limits of the cartridge and don't have a lot of room to work with if something goes wrong. For example, you could get a slow barrel or the barrel might not like your projectile/powder combo of choice.

However, I see you have made a decision so I hope it all goes well for you.
For my .02 I'd look at the 284 Shehane. I have one that is easy to run >2900 fps with Berger 180's and it shoots bugholes. But it does have a 28" fluted Kreiger Rem varmint contour barrel.